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Learn Advanced Algorithms in Java for Development and Interviews

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Learn Advanced Algorithms in Java for Development and Interviews
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Last updated on 25th November 2021 10:00 pm
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What you’ll learn

  • Have an understand of how algorithms work, at a deep level
  • Write better Java code that is more optimised

Once you know the basics of Java, you will want to start figuring out Algorithms and Data structures.

Used correctly, your code will run faster, and use less memory, and be more stable, with the efficient use of the right Algorithms and data structures.

But the reverse is also true. When used incorrectly, you can find your code consuming more memory and running slower!

Programmers who understand how to use and implement Algorithms and data structures correctly, are in high demand.
Until now, acquiring the knowledge of how to do things the right way has been a painful process of learning by trial and error.

All that has changed with the release of this brand-new course – Advanced Algorithms in Java.

Marcos Costa, is an expert Java developer with 18 years of experience.  Early in his career he realised the importance of understanding algorithms at a deep level.

Soon he began to get noticed by his peers for his knowledge and rose to Tech Lead Engineer.

His skills took him to positions all over the world, including Australia and the USA where he now resides.

Now he created a course designed to help Java programmers to really understand algorithms at a deep level.

What will you learn in this course?

You’ll learn to become a better problem solver, by using better implementations and making better decisions with your coding.

Marcos will explain to you in an easy to follow and understandable way, how to implement a number of algorithms that you can put to good use in your own projects.

Follow along, line by line as the algorithms are developed, and watch it execute, and get a deep understanding of how the algorithms work.

Unlike most other courses, you will actually understand how to put together and use these algorithms in your own code.  This course is heavily practical – its not just boring theory and slides that you see in many other courses that target the same topics.

What topics are covered in the course?

You will learn five different Pattern Matching algorithms.

Lempel-Ziv-Welch Algorithm

Huffman Compression

Prefix Tree or Trie Tree

Suffix Trie

Suffix Tree

You will implement two version of Boyer Moore algorithm (the simplest and easiest and the more complex).

And then implement the Suffix Tree from O(n2) to only O(n).

This is a very long, complex and interesting implementation!

What benefits will you get out of the course?

You will learn and understand complex algorithms.

Improve your confidence in interviews as a result of what you have learned in the course.

Write better Java code, that is more efficient and optimized, factoring in your newly found understanding of memory vs processor trade-offs.

Quite literally, you will take your Java skills to the next level.

Why enrolling in this course is the best decision you can make.

This course helps you to understand how to implement a number of core algorithms.  You will come away with a detailed understanding of how they work, and how to apply what you have learned into your own programs.

You’ll be able to write better Java code, and as a result your programs will be better optimized for execution and use less resources.

After completing this course, you will be able to add the algorithms you have learned into your arsenal of skills, giving you more opportunities to further your career.

The sooner you sign up for this course, the sooner you will have the skills and knowledge you need to increase your job or consulting opportunities.    Your new job or consulting opportunity awaits!

Why not get started today?

Click the Signup button to sign up for the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Students or Java developers who are ready to take the skills to the next level by learning complex algorithms and data structures.
  • Students or Java developers who want to understand algorithms at a deep level

Course content

  • Installation and Setup
  • Pattern Matching Algorithms
  • Compression Algorithms
  • Exploring Trie Trees
  • Extra Information – Source code, and other stuff

5 reviews for Learn Advanced Algorithms in Java for Development and Interviews

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  1. Bogdan Tataru

    Very good explanation. Only a little problem with the soundtrack

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  2. Vicente Vazquez

    The instructor explains very clear this topic.

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  3. Vadym Klos

    This course is a good example when not every smart person can be a good instructor. The presenter should work on his presentation skills. Cancelled after 35% of progress.

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  4. David Schneider

    The content is very good, but the sound quality is a bit poor, because sometimes words are like cutted and then repeated (or not).. as if there was a bug on your recording tools. This is annoying and sometimes it leads to information loss. But besides that, the information itself is very good explained and useful for further programming.

    I do recommend this course

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  5. Juan Pablo Lopez


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