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Learn Kotlin and Create Games Using the LibGdx Library

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Learn Kotlin and Create Games Using the LibGdx Library
Use before:2021-08-31
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Last updated on 30th November 2021 9:15 pm
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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to create your own games
  • Understand how to write reusable code that can be reused in other games
  • Learn how to create your own tools for game development
  • Have learned the Kotlin language
  • Understand how to use many useful design patterns

Games developers are in huge demand, with many new and exciting opportunities becoming available to programmers who understand the technology.

Are you looking to become a games programmer, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you are looking for a really comprehensive course on games development, but cannot decide which course to take.

Maybe you have some skills with LibGDX or another games framework, but want to create game using Kotlin

Whatever the reason, this course will teach you how to become a master games programming, using LIBGDX.

Keep in mind that LIBGDX is cross platform, meaning that you can then move games to other platforms

No previous experience is necessary.  Goran Lochert, your course instructor is an expert games developer, who has worked on many games in many frameworks.  He is also an official Oracle Java certified developer, and an official contributor to LIBGDX, the games framework used in this course to create games.

His skills and experiences with LibGDX are second to none.

As a result, you are learning from one of, if not the most experienced Java and Kotlin games developer on Udemy, meaning you can be assured that not only will you learn how to create your own games by following along in this course, but you will also learn the right way to create your game code.

The lack of proper programming techniques is one of the main reasons why games do not perform well, or end up really hard to maintain and update.  In addition, learning the wrong way to design and create programming code, can actually harm your career, because employers expect games programmer to write professional code, following accepted industry standards.  You will learn how to do that in this course.

A complete section on Kotlin is included. This will help you learn Kotlin fast, and to them be able to understand it as you go through the course.

Included, is well over fifteen hours of videos, making this one of the most comprehensive courses of it’s type.  Goran has already released a Java version of this course which has over fifty hours of content, and the Kotlin course is being continually updated and will also be this length shortly.

Nothing is glossed over.  Goran goes into detail with each and every aspect of games development through the course, so that you actually understand how things work, and can then apply this to your own games projects.

Although the emphasis is on Android  in this course, because the course uses LibGDX, which is cross-platform, your games can be deployed to many platforms (PC for one).

Learning how to become a games developer, and how to code the right way, can be difficult.  By the end of this course, you will be able to create your own games, and know how to structure and code your games, the way professional programmers do.

If you are ready to join the games industry as a games programmer, then it’s time to get busy learning!

Click the button to sign up for the course and get started today.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn how to write computer games using Kotlin and LibGDX

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Kotlin Intro
  • LibGDX Intro
  • Obstacle Avoid Game
  • Asset Management
  • Extra Information – Source code, and other stuff

5 reviews for Learn Kotlin and Create Games Using the LibGdx Library

3.9 out of 5
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  1. George M Koller

    First thing: Kotlin and the ntellIj IDE are an amazing, and in my mind trail blazing set of tools, just no doubt about it!

    Second the course general strategy is simple, elegant, and effective.

    Of course there follows a ‘however’ related to the actual execution, several of them:

    1. Some of the videos were long and often very involved, 2-3-4 files, dozens of changes, and IF ANYTHING WAS NOT PERFECTLY identical then a student can find himself in some pretty strange situations. Good for learning – but also frustrating with the heavy accent, and not being able to see the entire screen. (As source code was included there is a way to get restarted….)

    2. The written transcript is not English, it would be helpful, if it were retyped to use the actual words intended. Generally the heavy accent was educated and not-unpleasant but at crucial moments it was just very hard to understand and the written transcript could have been a help.

    Overall, for the money and time spent I am just very happy to have been able to work my way entirely though this material and have landed with a warm and fuzzy feelling toward Kotlin and IntelIJ and the libGDX (and friends) eco – system.

    Finally, and this I was just so amazed at, I once became very frustrated around lesson 54 or so with my code not working even while (seemingly) matching 100% after multiple checks and much time spent. I documented my problem to the instructor, left to make a cup of coffee,and when I came back there was a general solution suggestion by the instructor – who stuck with me for 3-4-5 exchanges including a link to a zipped copy of my entire project file system. It came down to a single weirdness where the option I needed was not showing on my IDE – for some strange reason. I ended up restarting the project then updating the files from the resources provided and I was off and running again.

    Bottom-line is that even these time-consuming and frustrating exceptions were important experiences and forced me to think about all the tools and resources fit together to provide what has to be about the most powerful tool and language combination on the planet.

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  2. Dedcha Brahma

    More game examples would have been better

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  3. Jurriaan Ruitenberg

    To slow. Where did the native english speaker go after 2 video’s?
    Also it is not finished. To see the end you need to buy another course, since they have been planning to finish this for 2 years now…. Don’t believe the last updated notation for any of their courses. They must have it automated to automatically pretend something new was added since all their courses show the same date.

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  4. Александр Кусков

    Bien. Muy bien.

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  5. Anibal Davor

    Very good course, i can understand all kotlin concepts adapted to libgdx, I really hope if this course is completed

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