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Ruby for Beginners

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Ruby for Beginners
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Last updated on 4th December 2021 12:55 am
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What you’ll learn

  • Understand how to write programs in Ruby
  • Be able to write your own Ruby programs and games
  • Have the necessary pre-requisites to learn Ruby on Rails

So maybe you tried out Ruby on Rails, but found it too hard, because you didn’t know the Ruby programming language.

Maybe you have worked a bit with Ruby and want to learn it properly. After all it has many uses, including games.

Perhaps your boss or client threw you in the deep end with a Ruby on Rails project, and you are struggling with Ruby?

Or maybe you just decided you would like to add the Ruby programming language to your resume to give yourself some better opportunities.

If so, you are in the right place.

This course is going to teach you have to program in the Ruby programming language.  No previous programming experience is assumed.

This is the perfect primer for developers looking to tackle Ruby on Rails.  You need to know Ruby well to be a great Ruby on Rails developer, and this course will give you the skills you need in Ruby.

Why Ruby?

Ruby is used in a wide range of fields, but is best known as a language for Web Applications, because of the Ruby on Rails framework. The general purpose nature of Ruby makes it suitable for a wide array of programming tasks, just like Perl, Python and other general purpose languages.

Ruby was originally designed with the goal of making programming fun, and in Japan, where it came from, Ruby was used to make games. You will actually learn to create a game in Ruby in this course.

Plus, Ruby programming code reads like English and that makes it a lot easier to understand if you are just starting out as a programmer.

As a dynamically typed language, Ruby does not have all of those hard rules other languages do, and in many respects is similar to spoken languages. This empowers you by giving you flexibility to solve problems in a more human way than other programming languages.

What is covered?

Some of the features covered in the course include…

The Ruby Class
Conditional Assignment Operators
Comparison Operators
If, Else, Unless, Then…
File Creation, Read, Write and Update
Generate A Webpage Using A Ruby File
Ruby Switch Statements
How to use GitHub
Built in Ruby methods
Interact With API Data
Using Ruby Gem libraries
Building Gems
Upload Gems to RubyGems dot org
Regular Expressions
Building Games

Why enrolling in this course is the best decision you can make.

This courses uses non complicated examples to do complex things.  The goal is to get you to understand exactly what you are doing and the reasons why, rather than typing in code you don’t understand. No code is glossed over, as it is important for you to understand what each line is doing.

Your instructor, Stephen Chesnowitz became a fan of Ruby and Ruby on Rails back in 2012 and dove in head first. Over the years he has worked on some pretty cool projects, and is here to share what he can and help you along your path into the world of application development using Ruby.

As a result you are dealing with someone who not only knows the Ruby language really well, but has the skills to teach things in a way that anyone can understand.

After completing this course, you will have the necessary skills to be able to use Ruby to create your own programs, and even games.

The sooner you sign up for this course, the sooner you will have the skills and knowledge you need to increase your job or consulting opportunities.    Ruby skills are in high demand (via Ruby on Rails especially) and you will understand and be able to use the Ruby programming language after going through this course.

Your new job or consulting opportunity awaits!

Why not get started today?

Click the Signup button to sign up for the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn the Ruby programming language

Course content

  • The Set Up
  • Some Of The Basics
  • Variables
  • Welcome to Git
  • It’s a String Thing
  • Ruby Loves Arithmetic
  • Ruby Methods
  • Ruby Operators
  • Getting Input and Interaction
  • Arrays

5 reviews for Ruby for Beginners

3.9 out of 5
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  1. SD Udemy

    I have many years’ experience in various programming languages, yet Steve explains stuff at a pace that I can easily absorb the information.

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  2. Patrick Smith

    Thought it was very good- since I’m a beginner to this subject, I appreciated the direct simplicity and explanation of Ruby. When he got to the last section, actually coding an entire game, it went over my head pretty fast. I had to watch with my jaw dropped and going “HUHHHH?” But that is good, I think, so when I try my own stuff and come back later, most of that coding will make sense. That’s where the real-world marketable skills come in…I recommend to anyone serious about getting off the ground with Ruby.

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  3. Michael Andrews

    The course is pretty good at showing what Ruby can do. Not sure why so much Git is involved in a beginners course.

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  4. Bee Jenkins

    yes a great introduction to Ruby – going on to do the rails one next!

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  5. Jônatas Lima de Medeiros

    It’s kinda nice when you don’t know anything about Ruby but do know something about Object Oriented Programming.

    Steve does a pretty great job at showing things, but sadly I saw myself searching and studying from documentation much more often than seeing this course. Steve don’t explain why and when to use the Object Oriented aspect of the language and don’t touch on the aspect of meta programming that isn’t for a beginner, but is much more useful than one of it’s chapters where he shows some Rails stuff.

    To be fair, Ruby is a nice language, and I do love it, I use almost daily to create scripts for my linux system, but Ruby isn’t a language to create games. The chapter 22: Galigoo is a game, but don’t expect much more than that. If you want to become a game developer C++ will better serve you.

    Sadly I will not buy any more stuff from Steve, since other course I saw from him was even worse, but that is a story for that review.

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