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[Udemy Black Friday $10 off] Mastering Intermediate DAX – Power BI, Power Pivot & SSAS Coupon

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Last updated on 17th January 2022 4:30 am

[Udemy Black Friday $10 off] Mastering Intermediate DAX – Power BI, Power Pivot & SSAS Coupon

What you’ll learn

  • Carry out difficult DAX expressions in Power BI, Power Pivot and SSAS
  • Have the ability to modify the current filter context with DAX expressions
  • Have the ability to modify how totals and subtotals are shown
  • Explain and work with Context Transition in DAX
  • Work with hierarchies and related functions
  • Calculate different moving averages without using Time Intelligence functions
  • Work with advanced calculations using iterators
  • Understand Bidirectional filters
  • Advanced relationships and UseRelationship

Data Analysis and data modelling made easy with Data Analysis eXpressions. DAX can be used in Power BI, Power Pivot and Analysis Services.

Analyse and Model your data with in Power BI, Excels Power Pivot and Analysis Services with Data Analysis eXpressions.

This is a hands on course

Course Overview

In the First section of this course you will refresh the fundamentals of how DAX works.  as this section is a refresher section we will work through example rather fast.. We will discuss Row context and Filter context, ALL, FILTER, RELATEDTABLE, CALCULATE, EARLIER, Relationships and much more.

The aim of section 2 is to introduce you to some DAX functions that we will be working with in more detail later in this course.  Many of the functions and expressions we will use in this section allow you alter or amend how totals and subtotals are shown. Functions covered will include ISFILTERED, ISCROSSFILTERED, ALLSELECTED, HASONEVALUE and SELECTEDVALUES

In Section 3 we will look in dept at CALCULATE and Contest Transition.  You will learn when to use FILTER inside CALCULATE and also when it is useful to combine CALCULATE and VALUES.

Section 4 is packed with Case Studies.  We will look at different problems and the solutions.  The first case study will focus on parent-child-hierarchy and include functions such as PATH and PATHLENGHT.  The second case study will look at different Moving Averages using EARLIER, FILTER, VALUES and AVERAGE.  In the third case study we will look at the use of Iterator functions over different granularities.

Finally you will learn about about advanced relationships.  We will look at BI Directional Filters and the use of USERELATIONSHIP

Each section of this course contains a folder to download. The folder contains the examples shown in the course and also activities for you to complete. These Activities are of utmost importance.  When it comes to learning DAX, practice is a must.

Who this course is for:

  • Analysis Services Users
  • Power BI Users
  • Excels Power Pivot Users
  • Those that need to model data using SSAS, Power BI or Power Pivot
  • Data Analyst, Finance and Accounting Staff, Marketing Professionals, Business Managers and all those involved with reporting
  • This course is NOT for you if you are already comfortable working with intermediate or advanced level DAX

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Section 2 More DAX Expressions
  • More Complex uses of Calculate
  • Case Studies

5 reviews for [Udemy Black Friday $10 off] Mastering Intermediate DAX – Power BI, Power Pivot & SSAS Coupon

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  1. Vinicius Motta

    Amazing course. Fantastic and useful examples of what can be done with each lessons topic. Angela took her time to set the bar high with regards to real world examples that can be achieved with python.

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  2. Anubhav Singh Rathore

    Course is really good. It is very engaging. Learning wise its amazing and flawless. But, I feel if, It could provide some kind of placement assistance as well because getting job in India is another struggle.

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  3. Karmen Kingery

    Though this course specializes in Python, it covers a little of everything. I am very glad to be able to make my webpages look nicer now.

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  4. Bavan M Y

    pros :- 1. good way of teaching
    2. useful exercises in every modules
    3. different topics covered

    1. Python taught here is only of beginner level. basically you are taught all you need to start learning a framework or anything related to python , but it isn’t touching any intermediate or advance topics. there is a lot more in python than just what is taught here .

    2. you get to become jack of all trades ,but master of none. you learn many different topics , but nothing is in depth as it should have been , including python itself
    3. Teacher doesn’t reply no matter how many doubts you have, I guess this goes with evey course of angela.

    4. way too long than it has to be .
    I literally didn’t feel like continuing this course anymore ,lessons are long enough to make a beginner discontinue it. I completed the rest of my python journey from youtube and that’s where I found out that this course is missing way too many things.

    5. save time by watching every lesson in 1.5x speed. this isn’t an issue until you reach intermediate level in this course.

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  5. Brendon Meintjes

    Loved the course and it’s structure of doing something new everyday and tackling it one piece at a time. Also nice to be able to build so many apps so that you can actually see what you are learning, loads of practical to support the theory

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